Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story

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Online locations where Believe is available in the US


Epix HD TV on-demand on US satellite channels

Believe is available to watch on-demand from these US satellite providers:

Order EPIX from Verizon

Order EPIX from DISH

Order EPIX from Cox

Order EPIX from Charter

To order EPIX from Mediacom, call 1-888-847-6228

Visit the Epix HD website for more details:

iTunes Store

Click below to download Believe from the iTunes US store: video on demand

Believe is available on video on demand in the US.

To buy:

To rent:


US online DVD rental. Visit the Netflix website for more details:


US online DVD rental. Visit the Blockbuster website for more details: DVD

Believe is available to buy on DVD from See the link below:

>> Where to Buy in the UK and elsewhere

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